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Regina is a loving LP nurse with a degree from Saint Clair County College; she is a bourgeoning author of a variety of short stories, poems, and songs. Regina is without a doubt a creative mind with aspirations to publish her series of children's books, and her first masterpiece; a twisting, dramatic novel about relationships and life adventures in the nursing field. Regina has an amazing sense of humor and an outgoing personality which makes her extremely approachable and a friend magnet.
Iris is a recent graduate of Western Michigan University earning a degree in nursing. The only thing as quick as Iris's mind is her speed on the track. She is careful and precise, but explosive. Her track and field career has won her many awards and accolades as well as given her the unique opportunity to travel the country, coach, and meet a variety of interesting people. Iris has a sparkly personality. She is a colorful, independent artist finishing up a one-of-a-kind graphic novel soon to be released.
Seth is an engineering graduate from Michigan State University who specialized in materials. He is currently the team's connection in the Tri-state area where there are many interesting individuals in all fields to work with and learn from. Seth is the president of the innovative brand "Angry Qamba". Meeting interesting people, having engaging conversations, and doing adventurous things are a few of the things that make life amazing for him. Seth is all about laughing, learning, designing, and creating!
Cherish is a psychology student at Western Michigan University. She has a hilarious sense of humor, with a frank no non-sense attitude. Her studies, personality, and unique point of view all make her a perfect host for her growing YouTube channel. She does fashion reviews, makeup tutorials, interviews, and opinion segments. Cherish is beautiful inside and out and is super cool to have a conversation with.
Aviram holds a Master's degree from the University of Detroit Mercy. Exceling in track and field he has traveled all over, and been the recipient of distinguished honors for his success. He is the main RISCAmagine connection in Detroit City. Aviram is a gentleman and a socialite, his cool demeanor and humorous personality attract a variety of friends. He is currently the owner of the city planning and real estate startup "BBPV" which stands for Black Bottom Paradise Valley; it hearkens to the roots and exciting history of the bustling Motown city of Detroit.
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